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Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors and accumulating roller conveyors are used to transport heavy workpieces or pallets. In the main, these operate either on a cyclical or accumulating basis. Chain conveyors are designed either as twin or multi-line systems equipped with gentle-handling rubber studs, claws, brackets or straps which can be adapted to fit the transported items. These remain accessible from below through the free space between the conveying lines.

Framework constructionanodised TT aluminium profile system or steel
Number of strandsfreely selectable
Carrying chain1/2“, 3/4“, 1“ single or duplex chains Special model possible
Conveying speedfreely selectable
Conveying weight up to 2,000 kg per metre
Chain distanceadapted to the material to be conveyed
Special modelsChains with rubber studs, bent lug link plates with mounted retainers